General Service Medal 1918-1962 with Malaya Bar

Flag_of_the_United_KingdomThe General Service Medal was instituted to recognise service in minor Army and Air Force operations for which no separate medal was intended. It was equivalent to the NGSM.

This particular example was awarded for operations in Singapore and the Malay Peninsula during the “Malayan Emergency”, a successful counter-insurgency operation against communist guerillas. The qualifying dates for service were between 16 June 1948 and 31 July 1960. For the Colony of Singapore, the date period was between 16 June 1948 to 31 January 1959.

The example I have is impressed to I0566 S/SGT IBRAHIM BIN SHUKOR F. of M.POL.

rsz_gvigsmmalaya1 rsz_gvigsmmalaya2generic-stickers-sold-730x240-landscape

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