Mauser 4x Short Rail Sniper Scope

800px-Flag_of_CzechoslovakiaThis scope is marked as being manufactured by Opticotechna GmbH in Czechoslovakia. It is marked DOW+ on the barrel. I believe this to be of post-war manufacture, primarily because of the anti-reflex stamp on the side of the barrel as well as the lack of a number. While the Germans did invent anti-reflex coating in 1937 I don’t believe it made it onto scopes until after the war. The lack of a serial suggests the Germans never issued this as they were in the habit of stamping everything they could find. Upon further research it’s clear this is a Lovec scope and the DOW+ marking must be spurious.

rsz_scope1 rsz_scope2 rsz_scope3 rsz_scope4

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