The New Zealand Medal

Flag_of_the_United_KingdomThe New Zealand Medal was a campaign medal awarded to Imperial and Colonial troops in the New Zealand Wars of 1845–47 (and for 1848) and 1860–66.

The New Zealand Wars were previously known as the Maori Wars, Anglo-Maori Wars or Land Wars. The medal was authorised in 1869.
The Imperial forces included British Army, Royal Navy and Royal Marines. The Colonial militia were recruited locally or in Australia, and included mobile forces like Von Tempskys Forest Rangers and the Arawa Flying Column from a Māori tribe for the guerilla war in the New Zealand bush. Colonial militia claimants had to prove that they had been under fire. Claims from colonial forces were closed in 1900 but reopened in 1910 and 1913 in association with land claims for service in the war. Claims were finally closed for Europeans in 1915 and Māori in 1916.

My one is named to 2158 Private. J.W.Wilson of the 65th Foot.

rsz_nzwar1 rsz_nzwar2

Light infantry from the 65th Foot, 1860's. Beards, wonderful beards!

Light infantry from the 65th Foot, 1860’s. Beards, wonderful beards!


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