Medaille für Deutsche Volkspflege

Flag_of_the_NSDAP_(1920–1945).svgCircular silvered bronze medal with loop for ribbon suspension the face with the then German eagle imposed on a stippled Geneva cross; the reverse inscribed in Gothic script ‘Medaille für deutsche Volkspflege’ (Medal for German Social Welfare).

The Decoration was instituted on 1 May 1939 ‘für Verdienste auf dem Gebiet der Volkswohlfahrt, des Winterhilfswerks, der Pflege der Kranken und Verwundeten im Frieden wie im Kriege, des Rettungswesens, der Pflege des deutschen Volkstums sowie der Fürsorge für deutsche Volksgenossen im Ausland’ (for merit in the fields of welfare work, winter assistance, care of the sick and wounded in both peacetime and wartime, life-saving and support of the German traditions, as well as the welfare, of fellow German people abroad). The Decoration replaced those of the German Red Cross which were no longer awarded after 1 July 1939.

In the case of this example the silver wash has worn almost entirely away revealing the brass base.

rsz_swmedal1 rsz_swmedal2

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