Ärmelschild Kuban

Flag_of_the_NSDAP_(1920–1945).svgKuban Shield (German: Ärmelschild Kuban) is a German military award instituted on September 21, 1943 to commemorate those who fought to preserve the bridgeheads in the Kuban region from February 1943 until they were abandoned in October. Luftwaffe and Kriegsmarine personnel were awarded the shield based on a fairly complicated point system. Each recipient was entitled to five copies of the award, and more could be purchased, if needed.

The shield was struck in sheet metal or zinc and treated with a bronzed wash. A back plate, which held in place a piece of cloth matching the recipients’ branch of service, was applied to the shield. There were several ways to attach this plate, with again the most popular method being the four prongs, two on top and two directly at the bottom.

rsz_kuban1 rsz_kuban2

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