BDM/HJ Cloth Insignia

All girls of the League of German Girls wore the Hitler Youth insignia seen on the right – a lozenge shaped insignia in red and white with a black swastika in the center – on their uniforms.

The insignia was worn either as a sew-on made from machine-woven cloth, shown on the right, or as an enamel pin.

The sew-on variant was worn on the sleeve of the brown Kletterjacke, and on most sports clothing such as the white sports shirt where it was worn centered on the chest, the Belief and Beauty gymnastics dress, or specialized sporting outfits such as field hockey or ice skating dresses where it was most commonly worn on the lower left chest. Some photos showing it being worn on bathing caps also exist.

I have two of these, both marked Ges. Gesch. on the rear.

rsz_1hjclothbadge2rsz_hjclothbadge4 rsz_hjclothbadge3 rsz_hjclothbadge1

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