Kreta Cuff Title

Flag_of_the_NSDAP_(1920–1945).svgThis text book example of the Kreta cuff title would have bene issued to a veteran of the bloody campaign to capture the island of Crete in 1941.

This one would make a great research project as it is named to Alois Acko from Graz, Austria. I believe the Uffz that precedes his name is an abbreviation for Unteroffizier which is a Jerry rank approximating Lance-Sergeant or Sergeant. This is a rank used in the Fallshirmjäger so there’s a good chance this is a paratrooper award which makes it double plus good. I looked Alois up on the German Casualties Lists and couldn’t find him so it appears he survived the war.

rsz_kreta1 rsz_kreta2 rsz_kreta3 rsz_kreta4

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