Das Flottenkriegsabzeichen

Flag_of_the_NSDAP_(1920–1945).svgHigh Seas Fleet Badge (German: Das Flottenkriegsabzeichen) is a German military decoration (worn on the lower part of the left breast pocket of the naval service tunic, underneath the 1st class Iron Cross if awarded, or equivalent grade) awarded for service to the crews of the High Seas Fleet, mainly of the battleships and cruisers, but also those ships that supported them operationally for which there was no other award given. Required qualifications included e.g. active duty on 1 or more 12 week cruises, wounds or sinking in action.

Although the award was instituted in April 1941, it could be awarded for actions that took place prior to this date and could highlight the struggle against the British fleet.

rsz_hsf3 rsz_hsf4

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