Souval German Coastal Artillery War Badge

Flag_of_the_NSDAP_(1920–1945).svgThis badge, manufactured by Rudolf Souval, is the War Badge for land based artillery and anti-aircraft belonging to the Kriegsmarine (Kriegsabzeichen für Marineartillerie). Of course being manufactured by Souval, it’s just as likely to have been made yesterday, but in this case it is “consistent” with wartime manufacture. Meh.

rsz_coastal1 rsz_coastal2

2 Responses to “Souval German Coastal Artillery War Badge”

  1. Is this fake?

    • Dave, the issue with Souval badges is that they just never stopped making them. They made them for the GI market in the 40’s, bought other companies stock of parts and made them in the 50’s, stamped their own until the dies wore out in the 60’s, kept stamping until today. So any badge by Souval has a question mark over it because you just don’t know. This makes me consider this a replica, although as I note the pattern is correct for a period piece.

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