Hitler Fireplace Ashtray

Flag_of_the_United_StatesI am guessing this isn’t quite propaganda since it dates from 1946, more accurately you could describe this as a cross between American triumphalism and private enterprise. In June 1945, Albert J. Weatherhead, President of the Weatherhead Company was in Europe completing a US Government contract. While sightseeing at the Berghoff he decided to remove a portion of the fireplace there. When he returned to the US he had it sliced up into sub 1″ pieces and fitted into a cast facsimile of Hitler’s fireplace. Much win! There also exists a brass version of this.

rsz_ashtray1 rsz_ashtray2 rsz_ashtray3

The fireplace in 1938

The fireplace in 1938

The fireplace in 1945

The fireplace in 1945

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