US Anti-Axis Pin-back Badges

Flag_of_the_United_StatesHere are a couple of views of my collection of WW2 United States propaganda buttons. Usually I would have broken these out into separate posts but today I was struck by a bad case of the lazies. Plus these items are so small it would have meant 20 posts on buttons. Anyway, for the sake of the search engines here are the subjects…

Nazi Hunting License – Open Season – No Limit
Wanted for Murder – Adolf Schicklgruber alias Hitler
Remember Pearl Harbor – Keep ‘Em Dying – Moffett Airfield 1943 (this is a reproduction I think)
Keep ‘Em Crying – Keep ‘Em Dying
Let’s Murder The Sons of the Son
You Asked For It Japan
Moider Dem Japs
To Hell With Tojo
Taps For Japs
Jap You’re A Sap
Hang Tojo
Buy Bonds and Bye Bye Japs
Down With The Rising Sun
Sock The Japs
We’ll Meet In Tokyo
Pack Up Japan, The Yanks Are Coming
Rap the Jap With Scrap
Hang That Paperhanger
On Your Knees You Japanese
Let’s Clear Out The Rats
To Hell With Mussolini
Jap Hunting License
Jap Hunting License (again)

rsz_badges1 rsz_badges2

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