Hitler Youth Cigarette Card

Flag_of_the_NSDAP_(1920–1945).svgOriginally I saw this item here and was a little confused as to whether it was a period item. When I accidentally came across this cigarette card I thought, well someone has cut the card and fitted it into a fob of some sort. But on closer inspection it is apparent that while they share the artwork, in fact the fob has a superset of the card so the two items simply sourced their imagery from the same source and are contemporary.

This card is part of a set produced for the Martin Brinkmann Tobacco Company. This company was based in Bremen until 1937 when it relocated to Berlin. After being bombed out in 1943 the company moved its headquarters to Lake Constance. The company was tightly aligned with the Nazi regime and cooperated willingly in its Kdf programs. This card set dates from 1934 and has the theme “Deutschland Hoch In Ehren” or “Germany highly esteemed”. The root of this is a popular Nationalist song by the same name that was popular in the late 19th Century and then repopularised by the rise of Nationalist parties in the lead up to the collapse of the Weimar Government. The cards in this set have a wide range of time periods, illustrating Germans being naughty from the time of the Holy Roman Empire until the ascent of the NSDAP.

rsz_hjcard2 rsz_hjcard1

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