Walther K43 Semiautomatic Rifle

Flag_of_the_NSDAP_(1920–1945).svgHere is a new rifle for the collection. This is a Walther Gewehr 43 or in this case a Karabiner 43 (K43) semi-automatic rifle. This particular rifle has a replacement stock on it since a previous owner cut the metal buttplate off and replaced it with a rubber one. I have the original wood as well as the original gas piston set. The rifle has a shooters kit in it at the moment since the original pistons were prone to snapping. I can attest that this one works fine as several pumpkins died yesterday during some “wet work”. The qve45 code indicates it was manufactured in the Berlin-Lübecker Maschinenfabriken factory for Walther. The magazine is marked gcb for the manufacturer Adolf Grohmann & Sohn in Würbenthal. The magazine is marked for both the G43 and K43 as well as having the correct WaA892 stamp.

There’s a few problems with this rifle for the purists. Firstly, the stock is wrong. It’s about 5mm too short and has the wrong finish. The magazine is a reproduction IMHO, the condition is too good. And the butt plate is a reproduction. The originals were painted red inside.

I am working on correcting some of these problems. I have an original magazine coming from Denmark and a much nicer reproduction stock coming from Poland. I have the original durafoil hand guard that will fit back on once I have a stock of the correct length. Then I’ll just need the butt plate, which do turn up from time to time.

Update: All done and looking good.


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