German Fuse Lighter 29

Here are three Zündschnuranzünder 29 fuse lighters. These are made from brass and because of this are often found in good condition. These fuse lighters were used to light time fuses attached to a prepared charge or hollow charge. They may also be used to ignite a smoke candle or, with a trip wire attached to the pull ring, as a fuze for a booby trap, activated antitank mine, or improvised mine.

The one on the left is marked RR 486 and WaA686 for Voight & Häffner of Frankfurt-Main. The centre one is marked RR470 for Storch & Stehmann GmbH in Ruhla and dated 1939. The one on the right is marked for RR37 Machinenfabrik Donauwörth GmbH in Donauwörth. The style of the factory codes indicates these are all prewar or early wartime.

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