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HJ/DJ Shoulder Tab Button Pair

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Flag_of_the_NSDAP_(1920–1945).svgThis pair of buttons are correct for a pre-war HJ/DJ shirt. The number indicates the Gefolgschaft number. In this case 38. The buttons are RZM marked to the rear.


BDM/JM Kletterjacke

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Flag_of_the_NSDAP_(1920–1945).svgProbably the most recognizable item in the uniform of the Bund Deutsche Madel or Jungmadel organizations was the Kletterjacke or Climbing Jacket. Made from a fawn coloured faux velour the jacket is cut in a stylish fashion, similar to how some military uniforms were cut at the time. This one is named to the original owner and is marked to the Bann from West Kurhessen.


Hitler Youth Summer Uniform Ensemble

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Flag_of_the_NSDAP_(1920–1945).svgThis explains the sudden rash of HJ items that appear below. This is a summer uniform upper for the Hitler Youth that I put together over a few months. Why? Well to creep out visitors primarily. I do note those guys who have a ton of manikens in their collections and I can’t help wondering if they hold them on stormy nights. This half a headless German spratzen lives on top of the shelf, which is why it has taken me a year to get him down, disassembled, photog’d, reassembled and stuck back up. Creepy eh?

rsz_hjuniform1 rsz_hjuniform2

Hitler Youth Summer Uniform Shirt

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Flag_of_the_NSDAP_(1920–1945).svgThis shirt is the classic brown summer uniform shirt worn by thousands of sweaty little ünter-nazis between 1933 and when the bus arrived in 1945.


Hitler Youth Sport Shirt

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Flag_of_the_NSDAP_(1920–1945).svgWell, surprisingly enough this is a sport singlet as used by the HJ at its athletic meetings. You can sniff it if you like, it smells like small Nazi dreams.