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WW2 Australian Army Marksman Trade Badge

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Flag_of_AustraliaThis badge is called a trade badge and was issued by both the British Army and the Australians from WW1 to WW2. Since this came with some assorted Aussie badges and medals I am assuming it to be an Australian issue.

rsz_riflesbadge1 rsz_riflesbadge2

International Force East Timor Medal

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Flag_of_AustraliaThe International Force East Timor (INTERFET) Medal recognises members of the Australian Defence Force who served for 30 days (or 30 sorties) in East Timor during the INTERFET campaign (16 September 1999 – 10 April 2000). The qualifying area comprises East Timor and the sea adjacent to East Timor out to a distance of 12 nautical miles (22 km) from the low water mark.

rsz_aussieinterfet1 rsz_aussieinterfet2

Civilian Service Medal 1939-1945

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Flag_of_AustraliaThe Civilian Service Medal 1939–1945 is awarded to civilians in Australia during World War II who served in arduous circumstances in support of the war effort as part of organisations with military-like arrangements and conditions of service. The medal was introduced in 1994, following a recommendation of the Committee of Inquiry into Defence and Defence Related Awards.

The Committee intended to extend recognition only to those whose war service in Australia was more arduous than the norm, and was performed under military-like conditions. Hence, Women’s Land Army members, whose work was very physical, required them to live in rural areas away from their homes for lengthy periods, and was subject to military-like discipline, are generally eligible. On the other hand, members of the industrial workforce involved in munitions production are not eligible, as they overwhelmingly lived at home and were subject to standard civilian working conditions. The medal is therefore recognition of those not in the armed services, but who experienced wartime working conditions similar to the armed services.

Recipients must have served for at least 180 days in any one or a combination of the 38 eligible groups between 3 September 1939 and 2 September 1945. Recipients of the Civilian Service Medal 1939–1945 do not earn an entitlement to use post-nominal letters. As at 30 June 2006, 6,711 awards of the Civilian Service Medal 1939–1945 had been made.

This particular example is blank on the reverse and therefore unissued stock.

rsz_civilian1 rsz_civilian2

Commemorative Medal for 50 Years Since the Victory in 1945

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Flag_of_AustraliaThis medal is one of many of the same pattern that were created and distributed by organizations ranging from the State Government of Queensland to, in this case, the local RSL’s. This one is unnamed but is stamped Maryborough RSL on the reverse.

rsz_aussie501 rsz_aussie502

Commemorative Medallion for the Victory in WW2

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Flag_of_AustraliaHere is a cheap and cheesy medallion knocked out locally in Australia around VE Day 1945. A unique piece of Australian history, this vintage token was handed out to Australian school children at the end of World War 2. Made of silvered copper by Stokes of Melbourne

rsz_aussievictory1 rsz_aussievictory2

1975 Papua New Guinea Independence Medal

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600px-Flag_of_Papua_New_GuineaPapua New Guinea achieved peaceful independence from Australia in 1975 and became part of the Commonwealth at that date. This is its Independence Medal.

rsz_pngindep1 rsz_pngindep2

Donation pin for Medical Supplies to the Soviet Union

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Flag_of_AustraliaDuring WW2 there were a large number of public appeals for funds to purchase goods, food and medical supplies to be sent to the Soviet Union to alleviate the suffering of civilians caught in the Soviet-German War. Many of these appeals were organised by trade unions or by local Communist organisations. This badge acknowledges a 1 shilling donation to one of these appeals in Australia and is marked “Medical Aid And Comforts To Russia”.

rsz_pinback1 rsz_pinback2