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War Gas Smelling Kit

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Flag_of_the_United_KingdomFlag_of_CanadaAfter the experience of WW1 gas use, there was a huge effort in equipping and educating military and civilians on protection from so-called “war gas”. Aside from the near universal provision of gas masks, there were also these gas samplers issued so that during training the trainee could get a first hand experience of what the gases actually smelled like. Interestingly each of the four bottles contained a sample of the actual chemical. Some sources say that the sample was simply a similar harmless chemical that mimicked the smell. But from the training guides it is clear that these did, in fact, contain mustard gas, phosgene, etc. A cautious sniff? Yeah bugger that.

This example was manufactured in Canada for the Department of Munitions & Supply by the Gelatin Products Company of Windsor, Ontario.

British General Civilian Respirator & Storage Tin

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Flag_of_the_United_KingdomIn the lead up to WW2 there was a lot of concern in Britain that, in the event of an upcoming general conflict, the Germans would unleash gas weapons on the civilian population as a terror effort.

In the event, this never happened, but this mask here is the 1936 Model made by the Avon Company. The tin is an Eakes Biscuit Company item made as a novelty during this  same period.

German Gas Mask Canister & Contents

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Flag_of_the_NSDAP_(1920–1945).svgThis is a German Army gas mask container complete with mask, filter and anti-gas stick. The filter is marked FCC42 indicating manufacture by Hermann Nier Metallwarenfabrik in Belerfeld. The eye glasses are manufactured by KUG1943, that is Langhek & Company Zellglas-u. Pliaphanfolien Fabriken in Esslingen. The anti-gas paste container is marked 1938.