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Imperial German Artillery LP08 Luger

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Flag_of_the_German_EmpireThis Artillery Luger, manufactured by Deutsche Waffen und Munitionsfabriken (DWM) in 1917 comes complete with its holster, wooden stock and a Bing manufactured type-2 snail drum magazine (Trommel magazin 08). The condition of this set is mixed, with the main problem being that the Luger itself is mismatched. The top is stamped 10, while the receiver bottom and frame is stamped 38. This makes it a bit of a shooter rather than a collectors piece although the price was awesome enough to make me ignore this.


Medal for 25 Years in the Bavarian Fire Service 1884-1918

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800px-Flag_of_Bavaria_(striped)I have the successor medal here. I find the fact that I have even one of these pretty funny since I collect neither fire service medals nor the medals issued by the German States. This is what happens when you apply a vacuum cleaner to the internet. This medal was issued between 1884 and 1918, although when it was finally suppressed it hadn’t been awarded since 1915.

rsz_bavfire251 rsz_bavfire252


Civilian Buttonhole Medals for WW1

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Flag_of_the_German_EmpireThese are a pair of devices worn in the buttonhole of a civilian suit or coat. They indicate that the wearer was awarded the Hindenburg Cross, the 1914 Iron Cross 2nd Class and the Black Wound Badge. Both are manufactured by the well known medal manufacturer Godet.

rsz_germedalbutton1 rsz_germedalbutton2

German South Seas-Afrika Badge

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Flag_of_the_German_EmpireThis is the Imperial German South Seas service badge. Because it was instituted in 1922, after the abdication of the Kaiser, it’s really a Weimar award.

rsz_impafrika1 rsz_impafrika2

Prussian Infantry Commemorative Medallion

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Flag_of_the_German_EmpireThis medallion, to the 62nd (3rd Silesian) Infantry Regiment, celebrates the 25th anniversary of their raising on the 4th of July, 1860. The 62nd was based in Cosel (Silesia) and Ratibor (Silesia) and was part of the Prussian 6th Corps.

rsz_gerimpmedal1 rsz_gerimpmedal2

Imperial German Officers Cap Badge

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Flag_of_the_German_EmpireThis is a reproduction of the officers cap braid used in the Imperial German Army in WW1. It came in a box of awesome, I try not to collect Imperial stuff and especially fake Imperial stuff. It gets on the site here because I am a hoarder.

rsz_impbadge1 rsz_impbadge2

P08 Luger Holster & Takedown Tool

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Flag_of_the_German_EmpireThis is a 1914 stamped Luger Holster that came with my Erfert Luger. It has the takedown tool fitted into a small pocket inside the holster flap. The holster is manufactured by D. Heinichen of Dresden.