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A Group to a New Zealand Pacific Casualty

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Flag_of_New_ZealandThis is a wonderful New Zealand 3rd Division group to a courageous young man, sadly KIA endeavouring to save others under terrible conditions. 2nd Lieutenant Colin David Griffiths was a 24 year old ex-shop assistant from Timaru, New Zealand who was killed in action at Vella Lavella in the Solomon Islands on the 2nd of October 1943.

He lost his life during a third attempt at rescuing a cut-off patrol from the Japanese. Swimming a line ashore to the party, consisting of a number of wounded, sharks had to be held off by tommy-gun fire. Griffiths was killed in the water, along with almost everyone else in the rescue party, by heavy Japanese small arms fire. To be clear here, this was Griffiths third attempt and the second that day to reach the beach.

Colin David Griffiths

Colin David Griffiths


Colin’s grave marker at Bourail New Zealand War Cemetery, New Caledonia


A New Zealand Vietnam Group

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Flag_of_New_ZealandThis is an interesting group, inscribed to Gunner H.H. Brass, RNZA (383606). Both the Vietnam War Service medal and the Republic of Vietnam are engraved. The RVN medal has the famous 1960- date on it. The intention was that the final date would be added after the victory over North Vietnam. Since South Vietnam was defeated there was no government around to establish the missing date.

The Vietnam War Service Medal was awarded to all members of the New Zealand armed forces who, between 29 May 1964 and 27 January 1973, either served for 28 days, continuous or aggregated, in ships or craft employed in operations on inland waters or off the coast of Vietnam or served for one day or more on the posted strength of a unit or formation on land in Vietnam, conducted one operational sortie over Vietnam or Vietnamese waters by aircrew on the posted strength of a unit allocated for direct support of operations in Vietnam or served for 30 days or more, continuous or aggregated, on official visits, inspections or other occurrences of a temporary nature on duty in Vietnam, or in ships or craft engaged in operations off the Vietnamese coast.

Service terminated by death or wounds, or the award of a decoration for gallantry led to the immediate award of the medal, regardless of whether the qualification period had been fulfilled.

Since the ROV medal was considered a foreign award by the New Zealand Government it was never approved for display on official occasions so this group has been mounted for Anzac Day wear I am guessing.

Brass served in the New Zealand Rifle Company V6 deployment and passed away in 1995.


A New Zealand Korean War Group

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Flag_of_New_ZealandThis group is marked to 61235 Aircraftsman L.C. Hill, RNZAF and comprises the New Zealand Operational Service Medal, The New Zealand Service Medal 1946-49, the Commonwealth Korea Medal, the UN Korea Medal and the Republic of Korea War Medal. The ROK medal is a later issue as it down’t have the national symbol woven into the ribbon.

This is an interesting set as the guy is clearly an early arrival into Korea and stayed until the end. The OSM and Jay Force medals are named which is unusual for these things, leading me to believe that at least some of this group are official replacements as habitually they weren’t inscribed at the time but late issues from the 1990’s were.


A Medal Group for a Lucky Man

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Flag_of_New_ZealandThis medal group I picked up from EBay. It belonged to a bloke J.S. Farquarson (Private 624746) and consists of the British Victory Medal, the New Zealand War Service Medal, The New Zealand Operational Service Medal and the New Zealand Service Medal 1946-1949. The group came with a stack of papers and photos detailing his enlistment in June 1942, subsequent deployment to Italy via Egypt in April 1945 (Just missing the war in Europe) and his final deployment to Japan in September 1945 as part of the British and Commonwealth Occupation Force (“Jay-Force”). He returned to New Zealand in October 1946 and was discharged. What a lucky guy, too late for a bullet every time. This explains why he has no campaign stars in his rack.