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German Hi Power Pistole 640(b)

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After the fall of Belgium in 1940, the FN factory was taken over by the Germans and this pistol, the Browning Hi Power P-35, was produced under occupation. This example is WaA marked 140 as is one of the magazines. That magazine also has the serif U mark. This pistol takes 9mm Parabellum ammunition like the Luger and Walther P-38.

Walther P38 Pistol

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Flag_of_the_NSDAP_(1920–1945).svgThis is my Walther P38 Semi-automatic pistol. It is manufactured Spreewerk GMBH. The holster is manufactured by Richard Ehrhardt Lederwarenfabrik of Pössneck, Thüringen. The pistol is stamped cyq, the holster bdr with a waffenamt stamp WaA86. It was manufactured in 1942. This pistol is excellent for killing pumpkins by the way.