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German Tellermine T.Mi.Z. 35 Fuse

Posted in Ammunition & Fusing with tags , , , , , on January 11, 2023 by The Dude

This fusing is used on the Tellermine 35. As you can see it still retains the claw wire and safety bolt. After the mine has been laid the setting head is turned so that the red spot on the setting head is aligned with the red rectangular patch marked “Scharf”, thus disengaging the safety lug from the striker, and the safety bolt is withdrawn from the striker by pulling the claw wire. When the bolt has been withdrawn to the extent permitted by the stop pin in the sleeve the claw becomes detached from the bolt and the striker is then supported only by the shearing pin. When pressure is applied to the fuze or the cover plate of the mine, the spring supporting the cover plate is compressed and the fuze is forced downwards. The striker guide, supported by the mine beneath, enters further into the fuze body. The movement of the striker guide, relative to the striker, breaks the shearing pin and the striker is driven down by its spring and fires the igniferous detonator. The flash produced passes through the channel in the closing discs of the detonator socket of the mine and initiates the main detonator which with the amplifying effect of the exploder pellet detonates the bursting charge.

The weight required to set this fuse off is about 350 lbs on the fuse or on the cover plate.