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Nebelkerze 39 Smoke Pot

Posted in Smoke with tags , , , , on June 10, 2016 by The Dude

Flag_of_the_NSDAP_(1920–1945).svgInteresting item of Pioneer kit. This is a Nebelkerze 39 smoke pot used by both AFV’s and Pioneers as a means of quickly laying down a smoke screen during the attack. These were setup with the BZE39 fusing (found also on the M43 & e39 hand grenades) or with a zunder as seen in the photos below.

This one is stamped kun 1941 for the manufacturer J.F. Eisfeld GmbH, Werk Cunegonde.

Nebeleihandgranate 42 Smoke Grenade

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Flag_of_the_NSDAP_(1920–1945).svgThis is a Nebeleihandgranate 42, a German smoke grenade with a Zündschnuranzünder 39 igniter. The grenade was made of two parts of fairly thick gauge steel crimped together with the smoke producing substance in the lower body and the ignition compound in the upper. These could also be fired from the LP42 flare pistol. This one is ground dug but still has much of it’s original green paint job.