Newfoundland Volunteer Service Medal

Flag_of_the_United_KingdomIn 1949 Newfoundland joined the Confederation of Canada. In 1981 the Government decided to create and award this medal to the servicemen of Newfoundland who served overseas and did not receive a service medal from any other country. They were not eligible for the Canadian medal since they were not a part of Canada during WW2. This is mine, one of 800 issued. I have one original and one reproduction.

rsz_newfoundland1 rsz_newfoundland2

rsz_newfoundland1 rsz_newfoundland2 rsz_newfoundland3 rsz_newfoundland4

2 Responses to “Newfoundland Volunteer Service Medal”

  1. Lovely collection, I have been searching for this medal for a while, I will pay good money if you’re looking to sell this!

  2. Hi again, if this is not for sale at all, I would be extremely grateful if you know anyone selling one or where I could find one as I have been searching for years and it is the last medal I need to complete my entire collection! Thanks very much. Located in the UK so no Newfoundland stuff is available over here unfortunately!

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