Medal in Commemoration of Victory in the Resistance Against Aggression

Flag_of_the_Republic_of_ChinaSometimes called the China War Memorial Medal, this medal was authorized by the Chinese Nationalist Government for issue to all servicemen and others who assisted the Chinese in their fight against Japan during the Second World War. It was awarded to both military and civilian personnel who were directly involved in the war effort. Perhaps the largest single group of Americans to receive this medal were members of the 14th Air Force, the famed “Flying Tigers.” This medal was presented to them in a special ceremony during a convention of the 14th Air Force Association held in New Orleans on August 2, 1975. The medals were formally presented to about 200 veterans by the Ambassador of the Republic of China and Anna Chennault, the widow of General Claire L. Chennault, the former commander of the Flyng Tigers.

The front of the medal shows the Marco Polo Bridge, which spans the Yeng-ding river. The bridge symbolizes the outbreak of the Sino-Japanese War, because Japan’s full-scale aggression against China began on July 7, 1937, near Peking in a small town called Lukou-Chiao, which means “Marco Polo Bridge.” Above the bridge are the crossed flags of the Republic of China and her Armed Forces, symbolizing unity of the Chinese people. The portrait between the flags is that of Chiang Kai-shek, who was Chairman of the Military Committee of the National Government during the war. In the background over the bridge can be seen a city with smokestacks, alluding to the return of peaceful pursuits.

This example is unissued.

rsz_natchina1 rsz_natchina2

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