Medal for Service at the Chernobyl Nuclear Disaster

Flag_of_the_Soviet_Union.svgThis medal is unique as it is the only medal in the world awarded for participation in a nuclear clean up. The very first people to go to the nuclear hell were firefighters – they did not know about the danger and were told the radiation leak was minimal. They did not have any special protective clothing, only light gas masks. Many of them are already dead, and many are dying a slow and painful death.

Initially, the decision was to withhold information from the people. First responders were awarded regular Firefighter’s Bravery medals. The disaster happened just before the regular 1st of May parade and thousands of people went out parading and breathing radioactive dust, instead of staying home. Many Russians view this as yet another crime by the Party elite against the Soviet people.

Only after the wind blew the nuclear dust across the border were serious measures taken and special army units sent in.

When the medal was instituted, it was awarded to everyone who paid with their lives and health for criminal stupidity and mistakes.

rsz_sovchernobyl2 rsz_sovchernobyl1

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