Jubilee Medal of the 60th Anniversary of the Great Patriotic War

Flag_of_MoldovaThis is a Post-Soviet Moldovan medal commemorating the 60 anniversary of the Great Patriotic War. This jubilee medal was given to all surviving veterans of the GPW.

rsz_moldovianmedal13 rsz_moldovianmedal12


This Soviet WWII photograph was unidentified for 23 years until the man in it, Aleksey Gordeyevich Yeremenko, was recognized by his wife and children when they saw the photograph in Pravda. It remains one of the most iconic photographs of World War II. Yeremenko was a junior political officer serving with the 220th regiment of 4th Rifle Division. On July 12, 1942, the commander of his regiment fell during battle. Rallying his troops to the attack, Yeremenko stood and waved them on. Seconds after this photograph was taken, Yeremenko was shot dead.

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