11th North Auckland Mounted Rifles Cap & Collar Badges

Flag_of_New_ZealandThese are WW1 era cap and collar badges for the 11th North Auckland Mounted Rifles. These are either right hand collar badges or cap badges as they were made facing the same way. The left hand collar badge faces the other direction. This makes these ones twice as common as the left hand one if you get my drift.

I am drawn to these badges primarily because my maternal grandfather served in this regiment.

The 11th (North Auckland) Mounted Rifles was formed on 17 March 1911. They were mobilised during World War I as a squadron of the Auckland Mounted Rifle Regiment. They served in the Middle Eastern theatre of World War I and first saw action during the Battle of Gallipoli. As a part of the larger New Zealand Mounted Rifles Brigade (of the Anzac Mounted Division) they went on to serve in the Sinai and Palestine Campaign

rsz_namr1 rsz_namr2

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