New Zealand Women’s Royal Army Corps Cap Badge

Flag_of_New_ZealandThis is the cap badge of the New Zealand Women’s Royal Army Corp. The New Zealand Women’s Royal Army Corps (NZWRAC) had its beginnings in the New Zealand Women’s Army Auxiliary Corps (NZWAAC) which was established as part of the New Zealand Defence Force in July 1942. Prior to this the first detachment of women of the Women’s War Service Auxiliary (WWSA), who became known as the “Tuis” sailed for the Middle East in September 1941.

They were attached to the New Zealand Forces Club, Cairo where they carried out welfare duties. NZWAAC became a regular corps of the New Zealand Army in April 1948 and the name was changed to New Zealand Women’s Army Corps. The Corps was granted the title ‘Royal’ in July 1952. In 1977 the Corps was deactivated. The NZWRAC Depot in Burnham Military Camp was established in 1948 for the training of all new recruits, non-commissioned officers, and later on officers also. The Depot was closed on deactivation of the Corps.

rsz_nzwrac1 rsz_nzwrac2

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