Slap A Jap Birthday Card

Flag_of_the_United_StatesVisitors to this site will have noted, perhaps, my rather retro-racist love for WW2 anti-Japanese propaganda. A common theme to this kitsch is the invitation to “Slap Japs”. It was pretty widespread to use this kind of disparagement of the enemy to build morale on the homefront. This birthday card, dating from 1943, is an example of this theme. Other examples are here and here, oh and here and here.

3 Responses to “Slap A Jap Birthday Card”

  1. What is this card worth? Is there a market for one?

  2. My Grandmother sent me this card for my 10th birthday in 1946, one year after the war ended. Thankfully animosity against Japanese people has diminished but prejudice runs just as deeply today within and between nations and ethnicities.

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