Medal for the Crusade Against Communism

Flag_of_Romania_1948This medal was instituted by Royal Decree No. 1014 of April 1, 1942 and was awarded to military personelirrespective of rank as well as civilians who had distinguished themselves in the battles on the Eastern front. The medal could be awarded without bars, but the following bars were authorized: BUCOVINA, BASARABIA, DOBROGEA, NISTRU, ODESSA, BUG, NIPRU, AZOV, CREMEEA, DONET, MAREA NEAGARA.

The medal is dated 1941, and it was awarded through 1944. After 1944, Romania was occupied by the Soviets, and this award became obsolete. In fact if would have been very unhealthy to be found with this medal under the Communist regime that followed the War.

rsz_romaxis1 rsz_romaxis2

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