Medal for the Liberation From Fascist Subjugation

Flag_of_Romania_(1952-1965)This is a post-war commemorative medal from the Communist Romanian People’s Republic. The writing roughly translates as in the title of the post. Undoubtedly stamped out by the million.This medal was awarded in 1949 by the Communist Government to soldiers and civilians who participated in the ‘struggle’ against the Germans in World War II. While Romania was allied with Germany during most of the war, King Michael overthrew Marshal Antonescu (the defacto ruler of Romania) in 1945 and turned Romania’s forces against their former allies. Because there is also a medal awarded by Romania for fighting against Communism (see Crusade against Communism Medal), it is conceivable that some soldiers received both awards.

The medal is suspended by the distinctive communist tri-fold ribbon, and has four red and three white stripes in alternating fashion. The medallion depicts the bust of two soldiers, one Romanian and the other Soviet, side by side. The busts are encircled by the words; “ELIBEREA DE SUB JUGUL FACISTl” translation: Liberation from fascist subjugation.

The reverse is comprised of a laurel wreath surmounted by the letters RPR encircling the words, “IN SLUJBA POPORULUI MUNCITOR”. translation: “Workng for the working people”.

rsz_romsov1 rsz_romsov2

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