Large British Propaganda Ashtray

Flag_of_the_United_KingdomThis is another one of a series of faux chamber pots put out by imitators of Fieldings of Staffordshire, England. Made early in 1939 to take advantage of the, then recent, “Violation of Poland” by Hitler’s armies. It is much larger in size than the other examples I have here. On the back of the inside rim it says ‘What would you do chums?”.

Inside is a caricature image of Hitler, this one not by David Low, the cartoonist responsible for the Hitler images on the other pots. They got some stick for these pots as they were plainly mini-chamber pots and they were accused of poor taste. This one has Ash Tray stamped rather prominently on the front, I am guessing in an attempt at deniability.


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