Full Size British Propaganda Chamber Pot

Flag_of_the_United_KingdomThis is another one of a series of faux chamber pots put out by Fieldings of Staffordshire, England early in 1939 to take advantage of the, then recent, “Violation of Poland” by Hitler’s armies. This is the largest one I have seen, I include one of the more usual examples beside it to compare.

Inside is a cartoon image of Hitler, this one is by David Low, the cartoonist responsible for the Hitler caricatures on the other pots. The design is a tongue in cheek one executed by the outstanding designer Enoch Boulton. They got some stick for these pots as they were plainly chamber pots and they were accused of poor taste.

rsz_hitlerbowl1 rsz_hitlerbowl2 rsz_hitlerbowl3

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