Anti-Goering Propaganda Pot

Flag_of_the_United_KingdomThis is the fifth in a series of faux chamber pots put out by Fieldings of Staffordshire, England. On the front it says ‘Jerry No 2”. On the rear it says “Flip your ashes on Old Piggy″ and “Violation of Poland. Inside is a cartoon image of Goering. The design is a tongue in cheek one executed by the outstanding designer Enoch Boulton. These pots were viewed as being a little bad taste at the time, especially the ultra-rare large one that rotated on a wooden base and played “Rule Britannia”. Funnily enough I never realised that this one existed. An internet guy emailed me looking to buy my Mussolini and he ended up selling me the Goering one.

rsz_goeringpot4 rsz_1goeringpot3 rsz_goeringpot2 rsz_goeringpot1

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