A Birchall Military Medal Group from the Somme

Flag_of_the_United_KingdomThis Military Medal was awarded to Richard Burchell R.F.A. service number 686, gazetted 21st October 1918. He was a driver in the Royal Field Artillery. The rank on the Military Medal is Acting Lance Bombadier while on his medal card it shows it as the obsolete rank of Lance Sergeant. He was awarded the Military Medal for actions including driving shells up to the guns while under direct fire from German artillery. According to his records he was reduced in rank in May 1917 after being AWOL for 3 days. Court martialled and sentenced to Field Punishment Number 2 and ordered to forfeit a weeks pay. Apparently after being wounded at Beaumont Hamel he was evacuated to a base hospital and returned to the line on October 5th 1916. He was lucky not to forfeit the Military Medal. His Territorial Service Medal shows his movement to the Royal Artillery and his peacetime rank of driver.



rsz_birchallmm2 rsz_birchallmm1


3 Responses to “A Birchall Military Medal Group from the Somme”

  1. Jackie Ingham ( nee Burchell) Says:


    One of my relatives – Ken Burchell- had asked my branch of the Burchell family whether or not we knew why his grandfather, Richard Burchell, was awarded the military medal and I found the details on your website. Can I ask how did you come by the medal/s please?

    • Hi Jackie. I collect medals to my surname, Birchall. Or any of the close variants like Birchell, Birchell, Burchill etc. These medals I bought in 2013, likely from the DNW auction house in England. Use the contact me form if you would like any more details.

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