Hyderabad Victory Medal 1945

Flag_of_IndiaThis is one of the tougher to find Empire Victory Medals. This one was issued by the Princely State of Hyderabad to commemorate the victory over the Axis in 1945. Hyderabad was nominally independent and separate from India for a year after the partition in 1947. Some 3,200 of the silver Hyderabad 1945 Victory Medal were struck.

rsz_hyderabad1 rsz_hyderabad2

2 Responses to “Hyderabad Victory Medal 1945”

  1. Asif Ali Khan Says:

    lovely Hyderabad victory medal of ww2 , is it rare ?
    how much would it cost ?

    • It’s rarity makes it valuable. Only 3200 of these vs millions of the India WW2 victory medal. This one cost me about 125USD. But they are tough to find. Find me one for Tripura and I will adopt you!

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