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Bahawalpur 1939-1945 Overseas Service Medal

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Flag_of_PakistanIn 1945 Bahawalpur, while part of the administration of British India, was still nominally independent, run by its Maharajah. In consequence it was never a British possession. After Independence in 1947-48 it became part of Pakistan. It’s rulers produced this Overseas Service Medal medal in 1945.

rsz_baha1 rsz_baha2

Hyderabad Victory Medal 1945

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Flag_of_IndiaThis is one of the tougher to find Empire Victory Medals. This one was issued by the Princely State of Hyderabad to commemorate the victory over the Axis in 1945. Hyderabad was nominally independent and separate from India for a year after the partition in 1947. Some 3,200 of the silver Hyderabad 1945 Victory Medal were struck.

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