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German Cross in Gold

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Flag_of_the_NSDAP_(1920–1945).svgThis is a copy of the The German Cross (German: Deutsches Kreuz). It was instituted by Adolf Hitler on 17 November 1941. It was awarded in two divisions: gold for repeated acts of bravery or achievement in combat; and silver for distinguished non-combat war service. The German Cross in Gold ranked higher than the Iron Cross First Class but below the Knight’s Cross of the Iron Cross, while the German Cross in Silver ranked higher than the War Merit Cross First Class with Swords but below the Knight’s Cross of the War Merit Cross with Swords. These go for north of 2k now so a copy is all I’ll ever have.

rsz_dkg1 rsz_dkg2

Panzer Faust Klein Round

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Flag_of_the_NSDAP_(1920–1945).svgHere is my latest import, a Panzerfaust Klein round in terrific condition (too terrific, see below). The tube intended to fire this can be seen here. The tube was intended to be fired once and then discarded although at times they were collected and sent back to the factory to be recharged. This is not a rocket launcher, it is a recoilless gun. The projectile is thrust out of the tube using a gunpowder charge and only had a range of about 30m. It didn’t have the punch to destroy heavier armour and was later replaced by the Panzerfaust 30, Panzerfaust 60, Panzerfaust 100 and Panzerschreck.

Upon exploring further it appears that I have added to my reproduction collection inadvertently.  This is why I hate Jerry stuff. This one is indeed a repro that has been fiddled with in order to deceive. The originals were never painted on the shaft behind the charge container.


The Arctic Star Medal

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Flag_of_the_United_KingdomThis is an example of the newly issued Arctic Star.

The Arctic Star is a campaign medal of the United Kingdom, awarded for service in World War II. The medal is awarded for any length of service above the Arctic Circle by members of the British Armed Forces and the Merchant Navy. The Arctic Star is a retrospective award, coming nearly seventy years after the end of World War II, being announced in late 2012. The Arctic Star was formally approved by The Queen, and began production in early 2013. There are not many of these out there yet as so few have been issued. Those that are sold through are generally part of a group. This is a reproduction made by a Birmingham company. The indicators are the large ribbon ring as well as the way the VI do not intersect with the raised ring.


British Union of Fascists Cap Badge

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The British Union of Fascists was a political movement, prominent in Britain in the mid-30’s. Basically your garden variety fascist rather than Nazi organisation, think Mussolini. The badge, unfortunately, is a complete crock, manufactured in England in the ’60s by a firm called Dean & Adams. Note its marginal resemblance to a Polizei badge as well as its use of the late war SS skull. Those things by themselves should make it obvious that it’s a fake, given that the BUF was a proscribed organization in 1939.


Medal Celebrating the Victory Over Japan 1945

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Flag_of_the_Republic_of_ChinaThis is an odd one. It seems to have the same front as the Nationalist commemorative medal but the back is completely different, having the year 1945 and a reference to the defeat of Japan. I have posted this to a China medal subforum so hopefully I’ll hear soon. My thoughts right now are tourist fake from China.


Dunkirk Commemorative Medal

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Flag_of_FranceThis is a 1960 commemorative medal, issued through the Dunkirk Veterans Association (now disbanded) and subsequently managed by the French National Association of Veterans of the Fortified Sector of Flanders and of Dunkirk. This one is a recast.

rsz_dunkirk1 rsz_dunkirk2

Hitler Youth Fanfare Trumpet

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Flag_of_the_NSDAP_(1920–1945).svgIf you watch films of Nazi Party rallies (really, who does that?) then you have seen a ton of these. I hooked this one from a guy in Poland. The trumpet is, like most musical instruments, difficult to date. However the way it is made is consistent with “1930’s and 40’s German style” manufacture. Most of these trumpets are either unadorned or they have the HJ flying eagle embossed or pressed into them. In this example, the badge is silver soldered I think and is very similar to the Gauseiger sports badges. The question is why is a Gauseiger eagle adorning a fanfare trumpet? The badge appears to be of a similar age to the trumpet so I don’t think you can just shriek fake. The mouthpiece is by Amati, which is a Czech manufacturer and is definitely post-war as this combine did not start until 1945. So I’d say probably a pimped up post war trumpet but who the frak knows. I got it at basement cost purely to hang a banner from so it doesn’t matter to me.

rsz_hjtrumpet-1 rsz_hjtrumpet-2 rsz_hjtrumpet-3

Nazi Enamel Ring

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Flag_of_the_NSDAP_(1920–1945).svgThis small size ring is silvermarked 900 for content as well as a makers name “Veljekset Sundqvist”. Now Veljekset Sundqvist was a silversmith and jeweller in Finland who made a lot of enamel badges but I can’t be sure this is one of his. The enamel is a positive, the widespread faking of rings is a negative. I’ll call this okay for now with the full expectation this will turn out to be a fake.

Update: Definitely a reproduction, I found another one on the internet.


Mark III Gurkha Kukri Fighting Knife

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Flag_of_the_United_KingdomThis is a kukri, dated 1916. It is stamped CoI↑GII 1916 43. The Co represents Cossipore Arsenal. The I, arrow & G represent the Indian Army mark. The II is the model number, in this case Mark II. And the 1916 is the year of manufacture. The 43 is the inspection number. I believe this to be an export Mk III that has been stamped as a WW2 era Mk II in order to fool collectors and make a little money. I wouldn’t call myself a collector of kukri so I don’t feel bad.

rsz_kukrii1 rsz_kukrii2

U-Boat Torpedo Timer Case

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Flag_of_the_NSDAP_(1920–1945).svgThis is a waterproof case for a U-Boat torpedo timer or pocket watch. It’s missing the lining inside but is otherwise in great condition. This came out of an antique store in Barrie, Ontario. Someone commented that this is definitely a reproduction. I am now certain that this is a fantasy piece. There is a NSRL/DRL type eagle attached rather than a KM one as you would expect.