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70th Anniversary of the Nuremberg Trials Commemorative Medal

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Flag_of_RussiaThis is a commemorative medal celebrating the 70th anniversary of the IMT trials of the major criminals in Nuremberg starting in 1946. The medal is Russian in origin but since I don’t see it listed online as an official commemorative I am going to assume it’s an unofficial “tin” medal. The words on the reverse mean “Fascism will not stand”.

Southern Rhodesia Victory Medallion

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800px-Flag_of_Southern_RhodesiaThis medallion, produced in Southern Rhodesia, was distributed to celebrate the victory in WW2.

rsz_rhodmedallion1 rsz_rhodmedallion2

Commemorative Medal for 50 Years Since the Victory in 1945

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Flag_of_AustraliaThis medal is one of many of the same pattern that were created and distributed by organizations ranging from the State Government of Queensland to, in this case, the local RSL’s. This one is unnamed but is stamped Maryborough RSL on the reverse.

rsz_aussie501 rsz_aussie502

Commemorative Medallion for the Victory in WW2

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Flag_of_AustraliaHere is a cheap and cheesy medallion knocked out locally in Australia around VE Day 1945. A unique piece of Australian history, this vintage token was handed out to Australian school children at the end of World War 2. Made of silvered copper by Stokes of Melbourne

rsz_aussievictory1 rsz_aussievictory2

Unofficial Solomon Islands Anniversary Medal

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Flag_of_the_Solomon_IslandsThe obverse shows the coat of arms for the Solomon islands and ‘SOLOMON ISLANDS’ around the edge. The reverse shows a map of the Guadalcanal and a US Marine with Marine Corps badge and the words ’50TH ANNIVERSARY GUADALCANAL LANDINGS 7TH AUGUST 1992′. Unnamed as issued.

rsz_solomon1 rsz_solomon2

Souvenir Medallion for the Entry of the 5th Army into Naples

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Flag_of_Italy_(1861-1946)This is an unofficial commemorative medallion made by local italians to sell to soldiers of the 5th army that captured Naples.

rsz_usmedal46 rsz_usmedal45


Unofficial Commemorative Medal for the 50th Anniversary of WW2

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Flag_of_the_United_StatesThis is another unofficial commemorative medal stamped out for the 50th anniversary of WW2. Zero value beyond maybe taking out to the back yard and shooting it with my SR22.

rsz_usmedal10 rsz_usmedal9