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A 2nd New Zealand Division Veteran Group

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This group is an unnamed rack belonging to a veteran of the 2nd New Zealand Division in Italy who later served in the Occupation Force in Japan between 1946 and 1949. It consists of the 1939-1945 Star, the Italy Star, the Defence Medal, the 1939-1945 Victory Medal, the New Zealand 1939-1945 War Medal, the New Zealand 1946-1949 Occupation Service Medal and the LSGC Medal for the Legion of Frontiersmen. These medals belonged to James Stuart Farquharson, Private, 624746, NZ 2nd Division. James somehow managed to get to Italy in time for the surrender, then got sent to the Pacific in time for the surrender there. Lucky bugger!

The Legion of Frontiersmen Medal is an unofficial non-sanctioned medal so really it should not be included with the others in this rack and I can only assume that the veteran placed it here so he would have a little more tin swinging on Anzac Day parades.


The Italy Star

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Flag_of_the_United_KingdomThis is my Italy Star. The Italy Star was a campaign medal of the British Commonwealth, awarded for service in World War II.
The medal was awarded for operational service (on land) in Italy, Greece, Yugoslavia, Pantelleria, the Aegean area and Dodecanese Islands, and Elba at any time between 11 June 1943 and 8 May 1945. Other areas to qualify for the award are:

  • Sicily – between 11 June 1943 – 17 August 1943
  • Sardinia – between 11 June 1943 – 19 September 1943
  • Corsica – between 11 June 1943 – 4 October 1943



Souvenir Medallion of the Liberation of Rome

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Flag_of_Italy_(1861-1946)This medallion was struck in 1944 and sold locally to the members of the U.S. 5th Army that liberated Rome from the Germans.

rsz_naplesmed1 rsz_naplesmed2

The Army’s War Medal

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720px-Flag_of_Brazil_(1889-1960)This medal, from Brazil, was awarded to the men of the BEF “Força Expedicionaria Brasileira” who deployed to Italy to join the Allies in fighting the Nazi’s. Miserably prepared by their government these men were fortunate to be taken under the care of the Americans who had to struggle to even find combat boots to fit the small feet of the Brazilians. They were well led however and undoubtably brave in combat considering their complete lack of experience.

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The Brazilian Expeditionary Force Medal

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720px-Flag_of_Brazil_(1889-1960)This medal was issued to the personnel who made up the “Força Expedicionaria Brasileira“. It’s not commonly known that these soldiers served in Italy fighting the Germans.

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