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Death Penny for a Birchall killed in the 1st Battle of Ypres

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Flag_of_the_United_KingdomThis memorial plaque (also called a Dead Man’s Penny) commemorates the death of Private Alfred William Burchell 8121. Alfred, born in Tottenham, London, was a member of 2nd Battalion Kings Own Yorkshire Light Infantry and was killed on the 17th of November 1914 during the last stages of the 1st Battle for Ypres in Belgium. His body was not recovered and he is commemorated on the 47th panel of the Menin Gate Memorial in Ypres. Also shown is the original wax cardboard sleeve these plaques were shipped in.

rsz_deathpenny1 rsz_deathpenny2 rsz_deathpenny3rsz_ypres_menin_gate_memorial

New Zealand WW1 Patriotic Tokens

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Flag_of_New_ZealandThese are three identical patriotic tokens manufactured in New Zealand immediately after the outbreak of war in 1914. On the obverse is stamped “Patriotic New Zealand“. On the reverse is stamped “European War August 1914” and a quote from Nelson “England expects every man to do his duty“.

rsz_nzww1token1 rsz_nzww1token2

New Zealand Boer War Patriotic Token

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Flag_of_New_ZealandThis token is very similar to this one here. However in this case, instead of a New Zealand flag there is a profile of a Maori warrior. In this example the date 1899-1900 is on the reverse. On the obverse are the words “British Transvaal War”.

rsz_boertoken3 rsz_boertoken4

1919 Inter-Allied Games Medallion

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Flag_of_the_United_StatesIn 1919 a series of athletic competitions were held in France between soldiers of the Allied Armies. These were known as the Inter-Allied Games or Pershing Games. This is a rowing medallion dated 27th April 1919. Although the games officially ran from June 22nd – July 6th, a rowing competition was held in the last week of April. New Zealand was the winner, beating the United States in this unofficial competition.

rsz_pershing1 rsz_pershing2

New Zealand Boer War Patriotic Token

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Flag_of_New_ZealandThis is a patriotic token dated 1899-1900. The words on the reverse are “Success To The New Zealand Contingent”. On the obverse, around Victorias head are the words “British Transvaal War”,

rsz_boertoken2 rsz_boertoken1

FFL Membership Badge

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Flag_of_FranceThe symbol on this badge was based on the so-called ‘Moustique’ or mosquito. The badge could only be worn by men and women who had joined the Forces Françaises Libres before August 1943, when their units were amalgamated with the French Army of North Africa.

This little set of badges is numbered 29202. They came with my King’s Medal for courage in the Cause of Freedom. I believe if I could find the listings for this badge number I could find the identity of the recipient of the King’s Medal.

rsz_francelibre1 rsz_francelibre2

Southern Rhodesia Victory Medallion

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800px-Flag_of_Southern_RhodesiaThis medallion, produced in Southern Rhodesia, was distributed to celebrate the victory in WW2.

rsz_rhodmedallion1 rsz_rhodmedallion2