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German Contract G98/40 Infantry Rifle

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Here’s an uncommon rifle I just picked up. These German contract guns were made by Fémáru Fegyver és Gépgyár, Budapest, which company possibly subcontracted some or all of the work to Danuvia Gépgyár, Budapest 1941-44. In 1940 the Mannlicher Model 35 was redesigned for the German contract. Based on German request the caliber was changed to 7.92x57mm Mauser, the bolt handle was turned down, a staggered row Mauser-type box magazine flush with the bottom of the stock was fitted and German M98-type bands and bayonet lug were used on this rifle. All steel parts, including the bolt were blued.

I haven’t been able to work out why the reference to Gewehr 98 in it’s name as it shares no dna with that rifle. Note the 2 part lower stock in the same style as the Enfield SMLE rifles.

Hungarian 8×56 Stripper Clips

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32px-Flag_of_Hungary_1940.svgThis round was used specially by the Hungarians in their Steyr M95 infantry carbines such as this one here. This cartridge has a much more prominent rim on it than the Austrian round so if you find that your ammo is dropping out of the clips check that you may have confused the two, I did!


National Defence Cross 1940

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32px-Flag_of_Hungary_1940.svgThis medal, instituted in 1940, was awarded by Hungary for efforts in combatting communism.

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Medal for the Capture of Budapest

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Flag_of_the_Soviet_Union.svgOne of the group of Soviet Union campaign medals, this one was issued to all troops involved in the capture of Budapest in 1945.

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The Medal for the Liberation of Siebenbürgen

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32px-Flag_of_Hungary_1940.svgThis Hungarian medal was struck to commemorate the incorporation of Siebenbürgen (perhaps better known as Transylvania) into Hungary, this medal in “war metal” was instituted on 1 October 1940. Transylvania was taken from Transylvania.

The obverse has the bust of King Matthias Corvinus (1458-1490) while the reverse holds the arms of Siebenbürgen.

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Medal for the Liberation of Upper Hungary

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This is a medal commemorating the gains that Hungary made at the expense of Czechoslovakia in the 1st Vienna Award of 1938.

On 2 November 1938, the First Vienna Award transferred to Hungary parts of Southern Slovakia and Carpathian Ruthenia, an area amounting to 11,927 km² and a population of 869,299 (86.5% of which were Hungarians according to a 1941 census). Between 5 November and 10 November, Hungarian armed forces peacefully occupied the newly transferred territories.

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Hungarian Commemorative Cross of WW2

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Flag_of_Hungary.svgThis medal, made to resemble the Fire Cross, is dated 1943 on one arm and 2003 on another.

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The Medal for the Recapture of South Hungary

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32px-Flag_of_Hungary_1940.svgThis medal celebrates the part Hungary took in the partition of Yugoslavia by the Axis in 1941. The German Army invaded Yugoslavia and quickly crushed Yugoslavian armed resistance. Horthy dispatched the Hungarian Third Army to occupy Vojvodina. Later, Hungary forcibly annexed sections of Baranja, Bačka, Međimurje, and Prekmurje.

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