The Wanted List

Here’s the short list of the gear I don’t have that is still on my dream list or bits for a rebuild. Some of it, like the FG42, will never appear in this life unless I break into your house and steal it.

Erma EMP MP35
Looking for a tidy German use EMP-35 although I’ll take a Spanish contract if it’s not welded shut

BMP 35 Rear Sight & BMP35 Magazine
Looking for the top part of the rear sight, I have the base. Looking for a 20 or 32 round magazine

Mauser G41
If you have one of these rifles, in any condition, please contact me.

Early MP-38 magazine
I am looking for one of the early slab-sided MP38 magazines.

German rework of a Yugo M24 Bayonet
I am looking for a clean example of this bayonet. Bonus if it has a frog. Solved!

Bergmann MP35
I am not concerned about condition, if you have an MP35 or know of one, let me know. Solved!

Beretta Modello 38
A moving action would be preferred but a block of steel is acceptable. Solved!

Nambu Type 14 8mm Ammunition Cartons
Looking for a pair of unopened Nambu ammunition cartons in almost any condition. Solved!

Tippco Tin Toy Wheel
Looking for a wheel for a Tippco military toy. Identical to the tin wheels found on all the 1930’s vehicles and artillery. Solved!

Simson MP34ö Bayonet
I am looking for the bayonet made by Simson for the Mp34. Please don’t mistake it for the 1904 Portuguese contract bayonet. Solved!

DOT marked VZ24 or G33.40 bayonet
If you have one, let me know! Solved!

MP28/II 20 round magazine
I need a 20 round magazine for the MP28/II. I will take a Spanish rework if it appears. Solved!

I am looking for a dewat MP-38 in Canada in any condition. Solved!

K-43 parts
I need a front sight hood for a K43. Solved!
Also looking for a recoil lug for a K43 Solved!

I am looking for a tidy dewat MP-28/II in CanadaSolved!