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Médaille Maritime 1940–1945

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Flag_of_Belgium_(civil)The Maritime Medal 1940–1945 (French: Médaille Maritime 1940–1945, Dutch: Maritieme Medaille 1940–1945) was a Belgian World War II bravery award established by Royal Decree on 17 July 1941 and awarded to members of the Belgian Navy, merchant navy or fishing fleet for acts of heroism in the saving of ships or lives during an action against the enemy.
The award’s statute was later amended to include all naval personnel for service of two years or more aboard an allied warship (most often aboard a Royal Navy ship) and to those who had been shipwrecked twice due to combat actions.

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The Merchant Marine Commemorative Medal 1939-1945

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Flag_of_PortugalThis medal was created by Portugal in 1951 to recognise the crews of the ships of its merchant navy who sailed into war zones during WW2. Portugal was neutral throughout WW2.

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A First World War Merchantile Marine Medal to Birchall

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Flag_of_the_United_KingdomAwarded to anyone who sailed through one of the “war zones” in World War One, this medal is named to Frederick J. Birchall. Frederick James Birchall came from Liverpool.


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