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China Incident Campaign Medal

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Flag_of_Japan.svgThis medal was awarded from 1937-1945 to those Japanese forces who were part of the so-called China Incident, the campaign against China.

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Medal for the Liberation of Upper Hungary

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This is a medal commemorating the gains that Hungary made at the expense of Czechoslovakia in the 1st Vienna Award of 1938.

On 2 November 1938, the First Vienna Award transferred to Hungary parts of Southern Slovakia and Carpathian Ruthenia, an area amounting to 11,927 km² and a population of 869,299 (86.5% of which were Hungarians according to a 1941 census). Between 5 November and 10 November, Hungarian armed forces peacefully occupied the newly transferred territories.

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Romanian Faithful Service Medal Class II

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Flag_of_Romania_1948This is the Faithful Service Medal issued under King Carol of Romania. This is the second class type without swords so it would be issued for non-war service, for example civil servants, postmasters, policemen and so on. It also has the non-warlike ribbon without the yellow edge stripes.

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