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A Birchall Masonic Medal

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Along with the military medals, occasionally drifts a Masonic medal. This one is the 1930 Royal Masonic Hospital Charity Jewel from 1930. It was awarded to Worshipful Brother J. Birchall of the Robinson Lodge (2046) in Maidstone, Kent.

China Incident Campaign Medal

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Flag_of_Japan.svgThis medal was awarded from 1937-1945 to those Japanese forces who were part of the so-called China Incident, the campaign against China.

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Medal for the Liberation of Upper Hungary

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This is a medal commemorating the gains that Hungary made at the expense of Czechoslovakia in the 1st Vienna Award of 1938.

On 2 November 1938, the First Vienna Award transferred to Hungary parts of Southern Slovakia and Carpathian Ruthenia, an area amounting to 11,927 km² and a population of 869,299 (86.5% of which were Hungarians according to a 1941 census). Between 5 November and 10 November, Hungarian armed forces peacefully occupied the newly transferred territories.

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Romanian Faithful Service Medal Class II

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Flag_of_Romania_1948This is the Faithful Service Medal issued under King Carol of Romania. This is the second class type without swords so it would be issued for non-war service, for example civil servants, postmasters, policemen and so on. It also has the non-warlike ribbon without the yellow edge stripes.

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