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Bergmann BMP-34 SMG

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The latest addition to my Axis small arms collection and just about the last SMG I was missing. This is a 1934 manufactured Bergmann BMP-34. Not to be confused with the Steyr MP-34 here. This gun was produced under license by Walther for the Danish manufacturer Bergmann and the design later saw life as the MP-35, supplied in some number for the Waffen-SS. The low serial on this one makes me think it is either from the original company or one of the licensed copies made by Shultz & Larsen. It has the early 200mm barrel.

Danish Pro Dania 1940-1945 Miniature Medal

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Flag_of_DenmarkThis is the miniature medal for this medal here. What is a little odd is the ribbon. My Danish contact Sune tells me the device is absolutely non-official. As well the ribbon appears to be that used on the Order of Dannebrog.

rsz_denmarkpro2 rsz_denmarkpro1

Denmark Pro Dania 1945 Medal with Case

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Flag_of_DenmarkThis medal was instituted on 5 May 1946 and bestowed on some 3,100 persons who had rendered special services to Denmark during the German occupation. This particular example is marked to the surname Reynolds on the inside of the case. When I look this up in the Danish “Hof-og Statskalender” the only Reynolds awarded this medal is Squadron Leader Reggie Reynolds CO of 139 Squadron RAF flying Mosquitos.

Flying with his long time navigator Sismore on October 31 1944 Reynolds led a force of 24 Mosquitos in a raid on the Gestapo headquarters lodged in the buildings of Aarhus University in Denmark. The surprise attack, in misty weather, was delivered from low level and was a complete success. The head of the SS was killed, one of his officers writing: “A terrible disaster happened when our HQ was shot up by English airmen.” For their outstanding leadership, both Reynolds and Sismore received a Bar to their DFCs.

First up a photo of Sismore (left) and Reynolds (right) in front of a Mosquito aircraft.