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Spanish M1941 Bolo Bayonet

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After picking up the M43 Mauser below I went looking for the correct bayonet for it. Interestingly the M43 has two bayonet lugs on it, one that will fit the standard M36 and M43 Spanish bayonet and the other to fit the M41 Bolo bayonet. I found a nice M41 matching to the sheath and bayonet and marked for the Fábrica de armas de Toledo factory.

Spanish M43 La Coruña Mauser

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In 1941 the decision was made by Franco’s regime to replace the 1898 M98 Mauser in 7×57 with a variant of the German K98k in 7.92×57. This resulted in the M43 Mauser which remained in service until the late 1950’s. These got imported in bulk into Canada about ten years ago and I felt the urge to own one grow as the supply of Axis weapons started to dry up. Here’s where I have ended up, an Army marked M43, all matching and in generally excellent condition.

1936 Spanish Civil War Campaign Medal

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Flag_of_Spain_under_Franco_1938_19451936 Spanish Civil War Campaign Medal. Issued to all troops who participated on the Nationalist side under Generalissimo Francisco Franco, including foreign nationals, e.g., German Condor Legion and Italian contingent.

rsz_spanishmedal1 rsz_spanishmedal2