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The Rhodesia Medal

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Flag_of_the_United_KingdomThe Rhodesia Medal was initiated by the British Government in consultation with Australia, New Zealand, Fiji and Kenya, whose forces took part in Operation AGILA, (Operation MIDFORD for the New Zealand forces). The role of the multi-national force was to keep peace between 22,000 guerrilla fighters and the Rhodesian forces during the ceasefire run-up to the 1980 elections.
Each country treats the medal as part of its own honours system.

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1980 Zimbabwe Independence Medal

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Flag_of_ZimbabweIn 1980, after 16 years of effectively be at war with itself, Zimbabwe achieved independence from Britain. There are two independence medals for this event, one for Rhodesia and one for Zimbabwe. This is the Zimbabwe type. It is stamped 78121.

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40th Anniversary Medallion of the 1st Matabele War

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800px-Flag_of_Southern_RhodesiaThis is a souvenir commemorative medallion commemorating the 40th anniversary of the 1st Matabele War where Matabeleland was conquered and absorbed into what was then Rhodesia.

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