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Commemorative Medal of the 1939-1945 War with Mediterranee Bar

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This is a French medal awarded to all participants in recognised formations, fitted with a range of bars depending on the type and theatre of service. In this case the bar is “Mediterranee” for Naval Operations in the Mediterranean between September 3rd 1939 and May 8th 1945.

A Birchall on the Battleship Valiant in the Mediterranean

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Flag_of_the_United_KingdomThis group belongs to Thomas William Burchell. They are unnamed except for the Naval LSGC which is impressed to D/J109394 Petty Officer T.W.Burchell, H.M.S. Valiant. The LSGC was issued on June 12th 1941. I have his papers up until 1929 and can see that when he was made P.O. in May 1941 he was on the Valiant. In this case he would have had an action packed war with convoy runs to Gibraltar, the defeat of the Italian Fleet at Cape Matapan and the Greek Campaign.

rsz_thomasburchell1 rsz_thomasburchell2 rsz_uknavalmedalandawardrolls1793-1972forthomaswmburchell